Lower Columbia Q-Center

A Safe and Welcoming Resource

The mission of the Lower Columbia Q Center is to be a safe and welcoming resource and support service to the LGBTIQ+ community, friends, families, and allies of the Lower Columbia region. The Lower Columbia Q Center envisions a thriving, equitable, and inclusive community that celebrates diversity.

The Q Center values:

  • The strengths, capabilities, and goodness of LGBTIQ individuals;
  • A welcoming community promoted through education and awareness;
  • Cultural diversity and inclusion;
  • Respect and honesty to create trust in a safe and confidential environment;
  • Our reliability and responsiveness to the community at large;
  • Financial strength, accountability and sustainability;
  • Healthy relationships and all families based on love and commitment.

Q-Center Board

    Marco Davis – Chairman
    Chris Wright – Vice President
    Tessa James Scheller – Secretary
    David Drafall – Treasurer
    Jeralyn O’Brien
    Ben Bradshaw Wright
    Alyssa Graybeal
    Melissa Johnstone
    Jan Luesse
    Dean Peterson
    Kyle Blanton
    For more information about the Lower Columbia Q-Center, please visit their website at: