Community Activities & Programs

A Place to Feel Safe and Have Fun!

One of the core missions of the Astoria Armory, is to provide a place for kids to come in off the street and participate in activities that give them an alternative. From fun programs like the The Armory Skatepark and Community Skate Night to the Astoria Anti-Bullying Project, kids can find friends and a safe place to grow.

We also feel the need to help those in need among our neighbors. We've partnered with Riverfolk to host a Sunday Brunch every week for our homeless community, where men and women can find a hot meal and resource counseling, in out of the elements, every week.

To learn more about these programs and activities, please click on the links below. If you are interested in volunteering at any of the Armory's events, click here.
  • Community Skate Night

    The Armory has a long history as Astoria’s favorite roller rink. Actually, the ONLY roller rink! Its huge floor space, beautiful wood flat track, and high ceilings make it a dream to roller skate on.

  • Astoria All-Stars Junior Roller Derby

    This program is designed to teach children how to roller skate, learn the sport of roller derby with an emphasis on sportsmanship, teamwork and self esteem.

  • Armory Skatepark

    An excellent indoor skatepark with a stage and live music, and a great vibe. Operated by and for skaters!

  • Astoria Anti-Bullying Project

    These gatherings offer a place of safety for anyone who experiences harassment on any level, to speak up and be heard.

  • K.I.D. Volunteer Group

    K.I.D. Volunteer Group is designed to promote our youth’s involvement in their community and increase self esteem of the participant and those they interact with while giving back to their local community.

  • Lower Columbia Q-Center

    The Lower Columbia Q Center, a safe and welcoming resource and support service to the LGBTIQ+ community, friends, families, and allies, envisions a thriving, equitable, and inclusive community that celebrates diversity.

Armory Volunteer Program

As a community center, most of our programs depend on the services of our dedicated volunteers. If you are interested in an opportunity to serve your community, please contact at 503-791-6064 or click here to sign up.